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Welcome to my creative portal showcasing my world of art, vlogs, my podcast, and activation meditations.


Spanning 20+ years of music PR and superyachting, I found my niche where I could collaborate my worldly experience, enabling me to create magic in exotic locals - fueling my passion for experiential travel,  spiritual wellness, and meeting influential people from all around the world - whether a celebrity, oligarch, royalty, astronaut or shaman. 


Drawn to a laid-back way of living with clichéd turquoise ocean and powdery white sand beaches, it's obvious why Mexico stole my heart.  The real chore is deciding which juice to squeeze, which island to hop to, or which spiritual offering to attend, on any given day. 

Transformation is a lifelong journey, there is no arrival point.  The Muses Merkaba is my brand of divine expression and guidance,  built around my vibrational identity. My intention is for it to resonate with the right audience who are magnetized to my content and assist them in alchemizing their visions into reality too. ​

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