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Get to Know Us

In my twenties, I made the brilliant life choice to toil away at posh PR agencies, dressing the part and expertly honing my "desk-side philosopher" skills while gazing out the office window on Oxford Street, perfecting my inner monologue and crafting press releases that helped other folks get rich. Clearly, I was born for nobility!

But then, as if by magic (or maybe just a holiday in Ibiza), I fell headfirst into the glitzy world of Superyachts. Eight years and 8 Atlantic crossings later, people suddenly started calling me an "international," "UHNWI management" expert. Little did they know, I was basically just living my best life and having a blast.

In between these adventures, I've also dabbled in the dark arts of website design. It's my little secret tech side that insists on spending too much time creating 1's and 0's, like I'm some kind of binary wizard.

Right now, I'm gallivanting through the digital nomad lifestyle, and let me tell you, it's been nothing short of completely overrated and underwhelming. You know, just like every other gypsetter’s dream.

My skill set is a bit like a grab bag of surprises. I write, edit, rinse, and repeat; create abstract resin art (or maybe just gloriously messy blobs); indulge in long monologues into a mic (where, conveniently, no one interrupts me), and scout the area for the finest beaches. Well, not for fun – it's for scouters who scout, of course.

My proficiency in these various arts oscillates between "mind-blowingly brilliant" and "wait, did a cat just tap-dance on my keyboard?" But hey, it's all part of life's adventure!

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