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Let me take you on a journey into the mesmerizing world of resin art, where I find my passion and creative flow. Resin, with its enchanting glossy surface, is the perfect medium to capture fluid subjects and translate them into captivating works of art. As I immerse myself in the art of resin, I embrace the thrill of taking risks and surrendering to the present moment, knowing that once the resin is poured, there's no turning back.

Though my background may have been in PR & Branding and Superyacht Interior Management, my heart now beats to the rhythm of the artist's brush. Yet, I've carried my design influences with me, evident in the form and color choices that grace my resin creations. Each piece evolves organically, resembling ocean scapes or cosmic wonders, capturing the essence of fluidity and the beauty of nature.

Beyond the canvas, my art practice has been a profound source of healing. As a self-taught artist, I've experienced the transformative power of creativity, and I seek to share that healing energy with others through my art. In my heart, I believe that art is a divine expression of love, emanating from a higher power, and it possesses the extraordinary ability to heal and inspire all those who encounter it.

Creating resin pieces is akin to a meditative journey for me. It's a sacred space where I delve into my innermost thoughts and lose myself in the 'of-the-moment' state of being. Each vibrant resin creation tells its own story, reminiscent of warm summer afternoons by the beach, where the tide gently kisses the sand.


My deepest hope is that when you gaze upon my art, you too feel that sense of healing and profound connection to something greater, as if you've uncovered a hidden piece of your soul within these fluid wonders.


listen to your art

Hey there! I'm Elle, and I'm thrilled to share with you my deeply personal journey of turning pain into paint.

In 2017, tragedy struck when my dear friend Jess was taken from us in Ibiza. Filled with a profound mix of emotions - grief, anger, and longing - I knew I needed a way to express the depths of my soul. That's when I stumbled upon the transformative power of art.

Surprisingly, I discovered an untapped talent within me as I channeled the spiritual energy of Jess into my creations. Art became more than just brushstrokes on a canvas; it became a sacred conduit to connect with my friend on the other side, an ethereal link that allowed me to process my emotions in a profound and healing way.

My art became a symphony of emotions, a mesmerizing dance of resin, acrylic paints, and inks blending together to create a complex harmony of feelings. The canvas transformed into interpretative cosmic-scapes, capturing the essence of the interconnectedness of all things - the spirituality of the cosmos and the ever-changing formations of the ocean.

My approach to art is fluid and intuitive, a dance with the universe where colors and textures merge effortlessly, creating an illusion of multiple dimensions. Each stroke is an expression of my soul, a meditation in itself, as I allow the process to unfold organically and authentically.

Through deep meditation, I enter a realm of creativity where the boundaries between the physical and the spiritual blur. My art becomes a powerful reflection of the beauty and interconnectedness of the world around us, a reminder of the magic that exists within and beyond.

I feel honored to share my art with you, hoping that these channeled and activated pieces ignite a spark within your own soul. May they inspire you to connect with your spiritual energy, to remember your magnificence, and to embrace the interconnectedness that unites us all. As you embark on this journey through my art, I wish for it to be a catalyst for your own healing, remembrance, and soulful expression. Together, let's celebrate the profound power of art to transform pain into paint and to create a world where beauty and healing intertwine in an exquisite dance of colors and emotions.

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