Resin is a popular choice of medium amongst abstract artists, particularly those who seek to capture fluid subjects and concepts. The distinctive medium is easily recognized by its shiny surface and easily translates to works of fluid art.

Resin artists are risky or easygoing depending on your outlook; they embrace the moment as there’s no going backwards with this medium.
A former PR & Branding manager turned Superyacht Interior Manager, Elle now paints full-time. She hasn’t completely left her interior or branding design influences behind though – they are still evident in the form and color choices she makes in her resin work. She considers her relaxed yet structured works to be oceans capes or scenes from the galaxy, which evolve organically during the creative process.
Elle found healing through her art practice and creative journey. As a self-taught artist, she now hopes to bring that same healing to the people who connect with her work. Her work is imbued with the belief that art is an expression of love from a higher power, with an ability to heal those it meets. Like meditation, her art practice allows her to explore her inner thoughts and exist in an ‘of-the-moment’ state of being. Her vibrant resin pieces speak of warm summer afternoons spent on the beach, where the tide meets the sand. 



Turning pain into paint.
What started as an outlet for deep pain and anger after her friend Jess was murdered in Ibiza in July 2017, led Elle into a direction that would begin an incredible journey for the self-taught artist.
Elle never knew her true potential as an artist until she discovered how expressive she could become. She never saw her work as a product or a piece of artwork, but her work to be spiritual energy acting through her, channeled from Jess on the other side. 
By combining the fluidity of resin, bold colors of acrylic paints, and inks, she can construct a complex harmony of fabricated emotion. After many hours of research and experimenting, she realized that the art was an unmapped terrain, full of mystery and the unknown.
Her artwork represents spirituality, the cosmos, and ocean formations in vivid color and with dynamic energy.  Her art is channeled during deep meditation and then transformed onto canvas. Elle's interpretative cosmicscapes pay homage to how our experience of place is timeless and evolving. Her work salutes a chaotic excess produced in the process of transposition from reality to representation. It is subjective, personal, and romantic.
For Elle, her art approach is free-flowing and intuitive, a process that involves a complex layering of colors and textures that create an illusion of multiple layers and dimensions. The end result, a powerful reflection of the inspiration she gathers from the beauty she sees in the world around her and the interconnectedness of all things.  Each piece reflects a multidimensional ascension activation. 

Elle, the Muse, creates cosmic experiences and conscious content to activate your remembrance and magnificence. Would you like to invest in a piece of channeled and activated art?