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is this book for you?

Alright, listen up, fellow human warriors! If life's been tossing lemons at you faster than a tennis ball machine on steroids, then 'Ellechemy´is about to become your ultimate lemonade recipe. Seriously, if you've ever felt like the world's giving you more than your fair share of curveballs – grief, mental health battles, or just the general chaos of existence – then grab a seat, because this memoir is speaking directly to your soul.

Let's be real, babe – life can feel like a bit of a rollercoaster with a broken seatbelt sometimes. But fear not, because 'Ellechemy' is here to dish out some wisdom with a side of sass. If you're tired of those cookie-cutter self-help books that make you want to roll your eyes more than nod your head, then get ready for a breath of fresh air.

Picture this: you've been through the wringer, and you've got battle scars to prove it. 'Ellechemy' isn't here to pat you on the back and send you on your way; it's here to arm you with the kind of wisdom that's earned from diving headfirst into the trenches. And don't worry, this isn't your typical "I found myself on a mountain in Tibet" kind of story. Nope, it's a down-to-earth, no-nonsense guide to kicking life's challenges in the teeth. 


So, whether you've been juggling grief like a circus performer, wrestling with your own mental health monsters, or just trying to make sense of the wild ride that is existence, 'Ellechemy' is your BFF in book form. It's like that friend who can crack a joke even when the world feels like it's falling apart, reminding you that humor, sass, and resilience go hand in hand.

And hey, if you're thinking, "Oh great, another self-help book that promises rainbows and delivers clichés," let me stop you right there. 'Ellechemy' isn't here to sprinkle glitter on your problems and call it a day. It's here to tell you that it's okay to embrace the messy, real parts of life and come out on the other side stronger than ever.

So, if you're ready to tackle life's challenges with a dose of sarcasm, a pinch of sass, and a whole lot of heart, then 'Ellechemy' is your new battle cry. Get ready to flip the script, find your superpower, and show the world that resilience isn't just a buzzword – it's your secret weapon.

author bio.

Introducing Elle – a literary alchemist whose storytelling prowess traverses continents and evokes emotions, painting narratives that resonate deep within. Guided by the whims of fate, Elle embarked on a spiritual odyssey spanning the landscapes of India, the allure of Bali, and the mysteries beyond – a journey as diverse as her South African-Zimbabwean roots. Her voyage, an exquisite blend of yoga, esoteric realms, and an immersive embrace of plant medicine, unfolds as a symphony of awakenings.


Elle's narrative expedition began against a backdrop of a PR-flavored flair and an insatiable wanderlust. Armed with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, her journey led her to the bustling streets of London, where her career took flight with Starfish Communications on Oxford Street. The allure of media events and the music industry seized her heart, setting her course for an exciting trajectory. From there, Elle transitioned from PR Executive to Design Assistant, kindling a passion for the creative realm. Her journey continued, taking her back to South Africa, where her CV, adorned with London experiences, caught the eye of Flagship Communications, a top South African Advertising Agency. During her time back in her homeland, Elle's curiosity led her to master web development, cultivating skills in HTML, JAVA, and CSS after hours. Pulled back to Europe, this time Dublin became her stage for eight years, where she wholeheartedly immersed herself in renowned agencies like Ogilvy & Mather and Edelman PR, infusing her expertise into their creative endeavors.


Fueling her creative fervor, Elle's evenings in Dublin were spent at the Gallery of Photography, where she pursued her passion for capturing life's essence through her lens. She completed courses amidst the ambient glow of the city lights, adding a photographic dimension to her already multifaceted creative prowess.


Embracing a globe-trotting spirit, Elle's passport became a mosaic of adventures, from superyachts to distant horizons. An epitome of her journey's uniqueness was organizing the iconic Antigua Broker Event "Cirque Du Soir" aboard her vessel, ICON. The event's splendor and success resounded throughout the industry, earning Elle accolades and recognition for orchestrating one of the decade's most celebrated boat parties.


Now anchored in Tulum, Elle pours her heart into resin artwork, memoirs, and a captivating podcast that melds yachting, spirituality and dating. Amidst these creative ventures, she delves deeply into spirituality, embracing growth, healing, and unorthodoxy through purging, venting, and ascending.


Elle's skill set is a constellation of creativity. From crafting abstract art and designing websites to curating captivating PR campaigns, her repertoire is as diverse as her journey. Her passion for photography, nurtured through courses at the Dublin Gallery of Photography, adds yet another layer to her creative mosaic. As a reiki master, intuitive guide, and a 500-hour yoga teacher trainer, Elle navigates unseen energy realms, translating their enigma into tangible experiences.


Elle's invitation is clear: join her on a journey that resonates, ignites imagination, and explores the uncharted territories of the soul. Her creative package encompasses abstract art, podcasting, writing, website design, PR, photography, wellness, and spirituality, converging into a mosaic of transformative exploration.


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