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In my twenties, I made the bold decision to leave the polished world of posh PR agencies, shedding tailored suits and cultivating my "desk-side philosopher" skills while daydreaming of life beyond the office window on Oxford Street. Crafting press releases that propelled others towards riches, I couldn't help but feel a longing for something grander.

Then, almost as if touched by the magic of a Mediterranean holiday, I plunged headfirst into the glamorous universe of Superyachts. Eight years and eight Atlantic crossings later, people began to dub me an "international" and "UHNWI management" expert. Little did they know, I was simply living my best life and relishing every moment.


Amidst these adventures, I've also ventured into the enigmatic realm of website design – my secret tech passion, where I delve into the art of crafting ones and zeros like a digital sorcerer.

Presently, I'm journeying through the digital nomad lifestyle, an experience that has proven to be both overrated and underwhelming, much like the dreams of many millennials.

My skill set resembles a delightful grab bag of surprises. I write, edit, and create in a continuous loop, fashioning abstract resin art that sometimes emerges as magnificent masterpieces or gloriously messy blobs. I engage in lengthy monologues behind the mic where no one can interrupt me, and I diligently scout for the finest beaches – not for leisure but as a diligent scouter who scouts, of course.

My proficiency in these various arts oscillates between "mind-blowingly brilliant" and "wait, did a cat just tap-dance on my keyboard?" Yet, this journey is all part of life's exhilarating adventure.


Join me on an incredible voyage through the world of Superyachts, where the lines between luxury and adventure blur, and where every day is a new chapter in the thrilling narrative of life on the high seas. Yachtienomics, out now on Amazon.


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