I am a creative director, storyteller, and master of puns.


I am a triple cat mom to Shaanti, Ayahuasca, and Je'taime. I probably love cats more than humans. Don’t judge me. It’s not that I don’t like people, I’m definitely a people person. But cats are better. My ultimate goal is to have my own ‘Rosé Cat Café’ one day - a destination unknown.


I am a self-proclaimed ‘rolling stone’ creative designer, resin artist, writer, podcaster, and photographer. I move where I feel drawn to and my friends probably have pages of “this is my new number” stored in their phones. I am an in-denial perfectionist with a dangerous eye for detail.

I create brand assets and design websites. I have decades of PR and Ad Agency experience creating award-winning TV, print, and radio campaigns, upscale music award ceremonies, events, and sponsorships. I’ve had a window seat in the top agencies including Starfish Communications, Edelman PR, and Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, spanning across South Africa, London, and Dublin. 


I explain my work to my friends as “I add a little ‘Je Ne Sais Quai' to the brand.” Our collaboration is kept simple and straightforward for you. I’m a Virgo, I stress enough for both of us so you don’t have to.

Providing an experiential branding service comes naturally. I like to immerse myself in the brand to experience it in all its rawness. Creating and selling the customer experience is more important to me than simply promoting a product or service. I want my client's customers to live, feel and breathe the brand.

Providing exclusivity is also an obvious prerequisite in any service I offer. Luxury, the most over-used of all words in the industry, is an obvious prerequisite, given the people I am so used to looking after. 


Being creative, I have always approached the projects I undertook similarly. Each inquiry I have is unique – each event or project is a one-off and undergoes a long period of further evolution.

I won't work for big pharma, banks, accountants, insurance companies, or Nike. I focus on mindful and sustainable brands that I resonate with and those that are in alignment with my ethos and core beliefs. I don't hide behind a mask, like my creative work, I prefer to be in your face. 

So if this sounds more like you; and less like another marketing agency, then reach out, and let us start your brand ritual.


Professional Wildcard.