MEX Gathering

Portal for expansion. 


Your intuition brought you here, now it's up to you. 

Offering guidance in stepping into authenticity, discovering purpose, and facilitating a connection to the divine, we focus on activation and ascension so that you can expand your consciousness, and together we can shift the collective into the 5th dimension of New Earth. We are innovators of lifestyle hospitality and wellness travel, dedicated to building a differentiated retreat portfolio in Mexico that expands your consciousness, offering you deep self-exploration and ascension activation. 


We offer gentle modalities for ascension, healing grief, and trauma, restoring your body, mind, and spirit. This is an Ascension Activation retreat experience aligned with the stars. We know that everything is connected, people, planets, and the realms. Our spirituality retreat is aligned with Astrology and planetary placements, where it can best boost our personal growth and collective ascension. We also work with numbers and retreat dates are selected carefully based on Numerology. 

Feel inspired and fulfilled. Step away from your daily routine and immerse yourself in the perfect safe environment. We will take you from slow to flow in just a few days.  We speak with integrity and share our experiences around traumas and healing from a personal and intimate space. 

We don't do crowds, tourists, or traditional programs.

We challenge the status quo of wellness retreats.

We value privacy, exclusivity, and independence.

We keep the groups intimate, the energy pure, and the connections secure.

We do more activation, healing, intimacy, restorative yoga, spa, reiki, sound healing, crystal healing, and aura therapy.

We do go barefoot, we might wear feathers in our beachy hair, and we most certainly will dance around the fire pit under the stars.


We do love to share our offerings and burn palo santo and smudge with sage. 

Our vibe encourages an immersive, transformative, and deeply engaging experience for our group to embrace their dedication to healing and ascension in a safe space. This is our Ritual. 

We bring together the creative energy of the collective – mentors, medicine people,  healers, creatives,  artists, musicians – to bend the rules, stretch the realm of possibility and push the boundaries of what a retreat can offer.