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Get ready to embark on a journey that's as exhilarating as a safari and as confidently sassy as a cat strutting its stuff. Imagine a fusion of South African and Zimbabwean heritage, coupled with PR finesse and an insatiable wanderlust. And yes, my affinity for cats is more than a mere quirk – they're practically my spirit guides.


This isn't just an invite; it's a gauntlet thrown. It's time for us to rise above the cacophony, stand tall amidst the crowd, and declare in unison, "No more hiding, no more silencing, no more shame!" The shroud around mental health and the ominous spectre of suicide has persisted for far too long in the shadows. It's time to unleash a blinding spotlight, guiding others through their darkness. This isn't just storytelling; it's the spark of a hope-infused revolution.


Let's delve into the mission at hand. Mental health, those hushed conversations, the weighty subjects – I'm tearing down those walls. From depression to grief, and even the uncomfortable topic of sexual abuse – I'm here to spark those dialogues. My life has been a rollercoaster of dramatic twists, yet I've stared down my demons and emerged fiercer and sassier than ever before. But amidst the tempest, I've explored the world solo, seeking purpose or simply relishing the beauty of the unknown. So, what's in my repertoire? Stories that'll leave you dizzy, your heart racing, and hooked for more.


Speaking of full disclosure, my journey through grief wasn't guided by a wise sage or a meticulously mapped path. I was the audacious explorer, macheting my way through the thorny undergrowth of pain all on my own. But here's the twist: I've uncovered the route, and it's anything but conventional. I'm the whisperer of the unconventional, the conjurer defying norms, banishing relentless demons while relishing every step.


"Ellechemy" isn't confined to the pages of a memoir; it's an exhilarating odyssey into the realm of unconventional healing. Picture plant medicine, reiki energy, and mind-bending breathwork. We're plunging into a universe where healing transcends pills and therapists, a cosmic dance of forces orchestrated to harmonize with your healing rhythm. It's high time to raise the curtain on a subject society has kept in whispers for far too long – mental health. But this isn't just a tale of self-indulgence; it's a rallying cry, a battle anthem roaring, "If I can tame my inner dragons, so can you."

Now, let's get into my journey – it's a full-on mixtape. Born in Rhodesia, nurtured in South Africa, seasoned across London and Dublin, even navigating the open seas on a superyacht – I've covered expansive territories. But the story doesn't halt there. From Bali to Australia, Mallorca to the States – my collection of SIM cards could challenge a birthday cake's candles. I'm not just a citizen of one place – I’ve got a global soul.


Fast-forward to the present, I'm baring my soul in Tulum – a dream realized. However, let me assure you, the path to this paradise wasn't paved with margaritas and wagyu sliders. I traded luxury yachts for a nomadic existence in Bali, following my stints with PR giants like Edelman PR and Ogilvy & Mather. Yes, I ride waves in both the ocean and the corporate jungle.


Here's the twist. I stumbled upon the mesmerizing realm of abstract resin art, but this was no ordinary artistic dalliance. Infusing spirituality – meditation, channeling spirit vibes, Reiki energy – into my creations, I practically poured my soul onto the canvas. When I'm not doing liquid pours or channeling my soul into my memoir, I'm diving into spirituality – purging, venting, and ascending. If you're drawn to growth, healing, and all things unconventional, we're cosmically aligned.

I'm unconventional. I thrive on fun. I'm all about sharing stories. Ready to journey with me?

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