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Introducing my debut memoir “Ellechemy: Roadmap to Resilience." 


Within its pages, I embark on a moving journey through my life's experiences, blend together by the profound relationships I've shared with the men who have crossed my path. 


In unyielding vulnerability, I reveal the raw emotions coursing through my heart as I journey through the realms of teenage years, partnerships, friendships, and encounters with authority figures. From deceit and infidelity casting shadows to the echoes of trauma and pain, I bravely shed light on harrowing moments when these men, expected to be pillars of support, became unwitting agents of chaos. Abandonment, infidelity, divorce, sexual harassment, domestic violence, spiked drinks, rape, and suicide weave a common thread throughout my narrative - a poignant exploration of the impact of men on my life.


My story delves into the stark realities of betrayal, recounting the heart-wrenching encounters with darkness that left wounds that still ache today. Through it all, I paint a picture of resilience and growth, as I rise above the storms and find the inner strength to heal, forgive, and transform. 

Join me on this soul-stirring expedition as I unravel the cords of my life, exploring the depths of despair and the heights of empowerment that have shaped the woman I am today.


And now, I'll share a clandestine revelation with you...

I hesitated before embarking on this literary voyage.


Part of me resisted, for I was battling the very process I aimed to convey. Initially, I aspired to pen an uplifting, motivational masterpiece adorned with empowering catchphrases. That endeavor didn't quite unfold as anticipated, I must admit. I felt like an exhausted Yachtie after charter season, yearning for solitude ashore and an endless supply of margaritas on tap.


Yet, within each reflective pause, something profound emerged. My words cascaded onto the pages, delving into realms of sorrow, trauma, and fury. I found myself braiding tales of mortality, spirituality, and rebirth. Ultimately, I unearthed the essence of a fresh existence and self, poised to bloom amidst adversity, and the unforeseen sparks of delight that illuminate our periods of grieving.


Ultimately, this odyssey through prose transformed me.


It chiseled my being in profound and wondrous ways, anchoring me with resilient roots and a fortified foundation for my ongoing expedition towards healing.

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You see, my initial resistance was rooted in an aversion to embrace the “grieving person" label.


I was resolved to shun the designation of a “griever,” avoiding those emotions altogether. Yet, paradoxically, my efforts to sidestep them, to bury them deep within, and to feign normalcy only cast a heavy veil over my heart and exacted a toll on my well-being. At that point, I reached a pivotal juncture. I confronted those emotions head-on, embracing them wholeheartedly, and through that journey, I discovered the invaluable gems concealed within the ache. 


Through the sacred process of writing my memoir, I gained a new perspective on relationships and losses. Viewing my pain as an observer, I found closure and transformed my reactions to events. Expressing my emotions released burdens, granting relief. I gained a Bird's Eye view of my journey, recognizing patterns, behaviors, and learning from mishaps. With newfound wisdom, I confidently embrace the future, knowing my story holds the power to heal and transform.


Ellechemy is a journey that reverberates deeply in our present world, as individuals across the globe reassess their core values while grappling with a variety of losses - be it the departure of loved ones, the erosion of security, or the farewell bid to a former way of existence.


Regardless of the catalyst, loss is a shared experience, a rendezvous each of us inevitably encounters. Astonishingly, however, many of us find ourselves ill-equipped to engage in candid dialogues about it or extend the tender care our hearts yearn for.

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