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travel redefined



travel like a gypsetter

Are you craving a global adventure but feeling a tad overwhelmed about where to begin? Fret not, babe, your Gypsetter has got your back!

I create personalized itineraries tailored to your unique style and preferences. No more one-size-fits-all tours; it's your trip, your way. Whether you're into beachside relaxation with a Pina Colada or exploring highlights at a thrilling pace, I'll design an itinerary that suits your personality and leaves room for unexpected adventures. The more you share about yourself, the better I can include the places you'll love.

My programs reveal both hidden gems on lesser-known Caribbean islands and famous hotspots. The Caribbean is a super-yacht hub and a playground for the winter jet-set. White-sand beaches, while a cliché, are a breathtaking one. And here's the twist: my exclusive, top-notch experiences from superyacht charters are now accessible to you without needing a yacht. No boat? No problem!

I'll unveil secret treasures in Mexico, Bali, Mallorca, and the Caribbean. These are untouched corners where the vibe is relaxed, and the culture remains unspoiled. We steer clear of touristy spots.

In Southeast Asia, Bali is my favorite. Its lush jungles, serene beaches, and spiritual aura create a sensory paradise. Picture exploring ancient temples, riding the waves, and savoring street food that tantalizes your taste buds.


Mexico, on the other hand, is a fiesta waiting to happen at every turn. The flavors, colors, and rhythms ignite your senses. Whether you're lazing on the turquoise beaches of Tulum or getting lost in the vibrant streets of Mexico City, adventure awaits.

Then there's enchanting Mallorca, a Mediterranean gem that's captured my heart. Rugged cliffs, hidden coves, and charming villages make it pure soul therapy. Imagine sipping sangria by the sea, cruising through picturesque landscapes, and savoring tapas at cozy tavernas.

I've personally roamed the globe, living in more exotic corners than your favorite cat has lives.
I've gathered the creme de la creme of contacts and cultivated a cache of exclusive experiences.
You won't find this in your average guidebook, darling. I'm all about letting you in on the best-kept secrets of my favorite places on Earth, delivered with a twist of curiosity and a dash of intrigue. 


My secret sauce, right? Well, it's simple:
I craft custom travel programs for destinations that have captured my heart.
I set you on a path towards the extraordinary.
This is travel redefined, led by someone who's lived and breathed the destination, just like a local.
I've got an abundance of insider secrets under my Panama hat, and I've even
dusted off my little black book to share my prized contacts with you.

Craving a dream holiday but loathe the hassle of planning? 

Don't fret! I've got you covered.

Save time, and skip the organization headache.

For just $33 buy your 10-Day BALI Travel Program today.

1. Click the link below to request to buy the Bali program

2. I'll send a PayPal payment link to your email

3. You pay via Paypal

4. You receive a PDF printable and link of the Bali travel program by email. 

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