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"Are you dreaming of a career in the thrilling world of yachting, but overwhelmed by the thought of costly courses and endless hours of study? Look no further. In this comprehensive guide, packed with nearly 500 pages of insider wisdom and firsthand experience, you'll find everything you need to confidently step into the yachting industry. Consider this book your ultimate crash course, a treasure trove of knowledge that will not only save you hundreds of dollars on unnecessary courses but will also fast-track your journey towards landing that coveted first gig. From navigating the nuances of yacht crew etiquette to mastering essential maritime skills, this text is your passport to success in the world of luxury yachting. Your future in the yachting industry begins here." M.Y Captain Carr

Are you ready to set sail on your dream career in the superyacht industry? Introducing "Yachtienomics" - your ultimate guide, roadmap, and industry insider all rolled into one!

Written by yours truly, an industry expert with years of experience as an ex-interior manager/purser, this 438-page treasure trove is packed with insider secrets and wisdom to steer you through every step of your journey.

This is the biggest book ever written about the superyacht industry from a crew member's perspective. Before you invest a pretty penny in yachting courses, start here! You might just save a buck or two. Plus, this invaluable book costs less than your ENG1 cert.

Think of "Yachtienomics" as your chit-chat with a seasoned Yachtie pro. It's like having your own personal yachting insider and mentor. No jargon, just plain and simple advice on the exact steps you need to take to dive into the yachting world and find your perfect crew and boat match.

You'll discover how to kickstart your journey, power through those tough days when it feels like smooth sailing is miles away, and keep your motivation and confidence soaring high, impressing your captain or crew agent along the way.

"Yachtienomics" is not just a book—it's your personal roadmap to success in the superyacht industry. It covers every crucial aspect, providing you with a comprehensive guide to landing your dream job. Here's a sneak peek into what this invaluable resource will empower you with:

  1. From Novice to Navigator: Whether you're a complete newcomer or already making strides, "Yachtienomics" offers insights tailored to your journey. It takes you from square one, ensuring no crucial detail is overlooked.

  2. Cracking the Industry Code: This book demystifies the complex jargon that often surrounds the yachting industry. It's presented in a conversational, jargon-free tone that makes every concept clear and accessible.

  3. Strategic Action Steps: "Yachtienomics" lays out specific, actionable steps to get you into the industry swiftly. You'll learn how to not only secure your first job but also set a trajectory for a successful and fulfilling career.

  4. Staying Motivated and Confident: The journey to landing your first job in this competitive field can be challenging. This book provides you with the tools and mindset strategies to stay motivated and confident, even on the toughest days

  5. Winning Over Captains and HODs: Impressions count, especially in an industry where teamwork and professionalism are paramount. You'll gain invaluable insights on how to stand out and make a positive impression on captains and crew agents.

"Yachtienomics" consolidates all the knowledge and wisdom you'll require to not only secure your first job but to thrive in the superyacht industry. By the time you finish reading this book, you'll feel equipped, empowered, and ready to step confidently into this exciting career.

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